Kool Aid Pill

I am in deep relection as I write on today’s news and attitudes with a renewed sense of resolved direction and hope. I am so honored to have the opportunity to attend the Inauguration of our 45th President. It is our Constitutional right to bear witness a peaceful transition of governmental leadership for the “unity” of all Americans, We The People. But as a nation, it has been said over several election cycles that we are at a cross road TODAY.   Where will the pendulum swing? I know where you and I stand as Patriots and where we are swinging. I also know we are a part of those peaceful, but determined millions who have fought valiantly to protect the life of our pre born children & tirelessly work in trying to solve the horrific issues surrounding the lives of our kids living in crisis. We have fought a silent war alongside our brave, American soldiers battling a dark enemy. We have won a reprieve for a few moments as an even uglier truth has raised its diabolical head higher for its own war here in America… A new rudeness and total lack of respect for decorum and responsible citizenry is rising.   It has been bubbling under the surface like a volcano while many have drunk its leadership’s bitter pill which I believe, will ultimately lead to its self-inflicted death. Let me once again shout it out, Hidden Choices will choose to stand and fight injustice with a renewed hope in building unity, truthfulness and dignity with love. The centuries old Biblical command still stands for our mission, “to treat others as you would want to be treated” …The Golden Rule. Hidden Choices will never give in to disruption, disobedience, anarchists, “fake,” ugliness of soul, rudeness, violent protestors, murderers nor slanders. We will take the high road and press on to the victory of protecting life and loving life at all stages as we support one another in our cause for the “real” stuff!  Boycott the new Kool Aid Pill.