About Hidden Choices

Our Vision

To help women and children in extreme crisis and poverty reach their highest potential.

We believe a single life can change the world, and that if you save one life, it’s as if you’ve saved the world.  Our commitment is to preserve, protect and support young women and children in safe, loving environments while empowering them with education and life tools for sustainable, productive living.  We believe every woman and child has the inalienable right to reach their highest potential and flourish within community and realm of influence.

Our Goals

Hidden Choices comprehensively serves the individual, the family, the community by aggressively meeting the deepest emerging needs of children and women specifically in the United States, India and Africa at this time.  As an organization, we are continually and aggressively seeking and  vetting viable organizations which are committed to meeting the needs with sustainable resources and tools that empower and give life; whereby, building future citizens that are equipped to lead.   By financially funding and supporting these organizations through our initiatives and those of our partners, we are making the difference in our global family by effectively saving millions of lives and changing the world in which we live.

Hidden Choices Domestic Projects

  • A comprehensive network & Directory of National Maternity Homes for teen mothers facing unplanned pregnancies
  • A network of Safe Haven/Rescue Missions providing shelter and resources for homeless mothers with children
  • National Baby Bed Project. Providing cribs for lower income families
  • A comprehensive Foster Care Awareness Program proactively changing the national debate on this critical issue effecting millions of children without family

Hidden Choices International Projects

Rescue & Restore Collaborations – India & Africa

  • Helping provide shelter, food and education to 6,000 orphans  – 48 locations – Hidden Choices Orphanage
  • Prosthetic & Healthcare for handicapped children
  • Drilling Water Wells For Life  to support villages of 300-500 people – (400 more are needed)
  • 1,000 Slum Children Project – supportive education center and living quarters to empower future community leaders in slums
  • Agri Farming Programs: 300K Chicken coups to feed and sustain the children in orphanages and the economies of GTSSS India

Milking Cow & Goat Projects: providing self sustainable food programs – Africa

Empowerment Education For Youth – India

  • Nursing School For Women
  • Technology School For Young Men
  • 1000K Slum Children Education Center

Information Center on Human Trafficking Awareness

  • World Crime Agencies & Organizations
  • Current News & Information on issues surrounding HT