“Rivers Teske is dogged about protecting the rights of women in crisis pregnancy. Her organization, Hidden Choices, takes women beyond the crisis, and encourages them to a future that has opportunity and joy. There just isn’t enough money or caring people/organizations to give young women that kind of hope. Rivers and Hidden Choices does.”
–Ellen Ellen Beth Van Buskirk Knapp
Partner/Neubrand LLC

“Rivers Teske is driven by the important mission to promote and network maternity homes across the nation, and around the world. The need for more maternity homes for desperate women, and their unborn and newborn children, is an urgent and blessed work of mercy. Rivers deserves our gratitude and our generous support for undertaking this important national and global initiative.”
–Elizabeth B. Rex, Ph.D.
President, The Children First Foundation

“Rivers Teske is an authentic and committed voice for young women and children around the world. Her work in saving and improving life is absolutely vital.”
–Michael Koulianos, Jesus Image

“I am an adoptee and a birthmother who is passionate for helping young women facing crisis pregnancy. Scared, young women are searching for help, and maternity home visionaries like myself need professional guidance, financial support and spiritual encouragement. Hidden Choices is a key player.”
–Kim Craig, Founder
Next Generation Teen Pregnancy Homes