Basket of Deplorables & The Irredeemable

Reflecting on this statement by the democratic nominee for President, I have had a week to pull my jaw off the floor as to her characterization of millions of Americans – who are law abiding, tax paying, flag waving and loving citizens. I was standing in Alaska when I heard the statement she made. Such a backdrop of untouched beauty, wilderness and pride in a State that persevered in such weather and wild west lifestyle compared to her intolerable and her brazen arrogance. It was a contemptible statement. If you have read through any of my recent Hidden Choices FB entries, I am not backing down to political correctness or soft pandering. I have also stated we are NOT candy coating our mission of saving the preborn and standing 4-LIFE at all stages – here in America or abroad. Hidden Choices will stand valiantly for all. If deplorable means baskets filled with Pro Life, Pro Child, Pro Family, Pro AllLivesMatter, Pro God, Pro Country, Pro Active activists who stand for the good of mankind and against the evil that she espouses – then so be it. I am happily deplorable and will wear a college-educated deplorable button to stand for the common goals of taking care of those less fortunate and needing a hand-up.

However, let us look at the word she also referenced in that awful speech – “irredeemable.” Irredeemable is defined as a person that is a “throwaway – that has NO VALUE.” After reflecting on the solemn vows that American Presidents are charged with during an Inauguration Ceremony promising to protect all citizens, I find it insufferable that millions would be condemned to such irrelevancy and to the trash can if she were to be elected. That is exactly why I am calling upon ALL deplorable and irredeemable Evangelicals, Catholics and law abiding, America loving – undecided brothers and sisters to cast their vote in all 50 states against this democratic candidate for the Presidency. She is not the one to watch your valueless back and will continue to throw our unborn citizens into back alley dumpsters!