The Civil Rights of a Child

“I define a person as a human being with its own unique DNA. If you were to take a cell from a fetus and clone it, you would not get a twin of the mother, but a twin of the fetus. Therefore, the fetus is its own separate being. This seems a concrete, unarguable way to define a person: a human being with its own unique DNA. Using that definition, I believe that each person, black, white, gay, straight, deaf, male, female, or unborn, has equal rights under the law. No one has absolute power over the rights of another human being. This is part of the seamless garment of civil rights I fight for as a Democrat. There are cases in which the unborn’s right to life comes into conflict with the woman’s right to life. There are many legally difficult times when two humans’ rights conflict. Each case must be decided on an individual basis. No law can successfully cover all possibilities. If a woman has willingly agreed to provide food and lodging for a child, and has provided it without coercion, then she can’t simply say to another human being, her child, ‘I’m kicking you out,’ whether that child lives in her house or in her body. A father must provide child support; a husband must provide alimony; you cannot simply cut someone off that you have pledged to care for. That is a basic civil right that single mothers cry out for with deadbeat dads.”

– Author unknown (Posted from the Democratic Underground)