A Shout Out To Our Good Catholic Brothers & Sisters

This letter summarizes the critical and vital role in the 2016 election of all “hands on deck.” My friend of LIFE, Father Pavonne, Priests For Life, says that,

The candidates and political party platforms in the 2016 election demonstrate a stark contrast between those of us who cherish the wonder and dignity of human life…and those who fail to recognize God as the Author of all human life. Between those of us who will fight to protect the lives of the youngest members of our human family…and those who use abortion as a weapon to advance a deadly culture of death.”

Two Priorities that Father Pavonne is committed to and Hidden Choices supports/believes in TIME, ENERGY AND LIMITED TREASURES are this: (1) Abortion corrupts our entire society. It leads to multiple other forms of violence in our nation, the breakup of the family, and the downward spiral of public morality. And that the only way to bring peace to our nation, our cities, our communities and our families is to end the violence of abortion. Period.” (2) That in order to save this nation for future generations, it is vital that all pro-life Americans go to the polls on Election Day and VOTE FOR LIFE!”

Priests For Life is spearheading a Catholic outreach to our brothers and sisters in the Hispanic community.

According to the Pew Center Research firm: (1) There is a stark racial divide running through American Catholic attitudes, with white Catholics almost evenly divided between the two major candidates while Hispanics support the Democrat nominee by a wide 77% to 16% margin. (2) A religiously defined segment of the American population is up for grabs, at least in terms of which candidate will capture a majority of its votes, its likely white Catholics. (3) The remainder of Catholic respondents said they either did not know which candidate they support, or planned to support someone else.

The simple goal – to register as many of our fellow Catholics and Christian Protestants if we’re going to achieve our goal of getting enough faithful followers to vote their pro-life principles on Election Day.

Father Pavonne has been told, “You’re the only ones who can do this with the Catholics.”

He is right. We are. We know this because of how successful our Priests for Life efforts were in with the Catholic Outreach movement in 2000 and 2004.

FOURTEEN MILLION pro-life Catholics did not vote in 2012. I am sure a hefty amount did not vote from the Evangelical side. Franklin Graham blamed the Evangelicals for half of their numbers not voting their values. Because they did not, Barack Obama was re-elected, and along with him, the “War on the Unborn” that he unleashed in 2008.

We cannot allow that to happen this year. You must stand – all hands on deck as they say. Educate people about Christian principles when it comes to voting!

  • Create a grassroots mobilization of voters
  • Motivate family and friends to register to vote
  • Get people to the polls during “early voting” days and on Election Day
  • Generate maximum Catholic & Evangelical impact on this election

Thank you for defending life at all levels. Thank you Priests For Life! Hidden Choices stands with you and every Pro Life Candidate.