5 Questions To Ask If Single Parenting Is In Your Future

Single Parenting

According to Life Cycle Books, there are 10 Questions most asked about single parenting. If you are a teen, Hidden Choices hopes you will please consider these issues before getting pregnant and if you are pregnant these answers might help you in making adult decisions for you and your baby!

1. Where Will I live? Housing option is the most critical issue you will have to consider before giving birth. Will a friend, a family member, the birth father’s parents or a group home (maternity home) be your go-to solution. You will have to think of short term and long term options in the healthiest environments and situations not only for yourself, but for your child that you are now responsible for. Pregnancy counselors can help you sort through your personal situation and needs.

2. Is there anyone who can help me with baby items? Most communities have crisis pregnancy centers (CPC’S), churches and organizations that help with items such as diapers, clothing and formula. There is public assistance to meet your needs for medical and financial need, but you are solely responsible for seeking out the best in terms of long term solutions as the mother.

3. How do I get support from the birth father? The birth father has legal responsibilities which include financial support for your child. Most states have child support enforcement agencies which will withhold monies from paychecks if he is unwilling to pay. You will need his social security number. Your child is absolutely entitled to financial support. If however, you cannot receive child support, you must plan on how you are going to care for your baby without it!

4. What are the rights of the father? Birth fathers have rights in most every state and jurisdiction and vary according to the laws of each state. From birth certificates to paternity tests to legal rights or medical conditions, there are a host of questions that an attorney, social worker or pregnancy counselor will be able to help you with. They are the experts to guide you. You need to discuss all of the ramifications of post pregnancy care of how these rights will affect your child for the rest of his or her life.

5. Help! I don’t want to be on welfare and will have to work. Hidden Choices believes that a child’s needs are met by birthparents who can work together responsibly! Having a job while parenting a small infant and child is hard work for any young mother, so you must consider how you are going to rely on job training, tuition (if you are a student) grants and loans to cover living expenses and childcare. Parenting often means altering your goals and plans, but with determination and goal setting you can do this..