What Are Hidden Choices?

What Are Hidden Choices?What Are Hidden Choices?

From the moment we awake, we make choices. From what to wear to what to eat. From what to do to what to say. We keep them to ourselves, but they’re not really “hidden choices.” They’re obvious, everyday choices that we often share with others, like “join me for lunch” or “What’s on TV?”

When we’re unaware that we even have a choice in certain situations, those are “hidden choices.” Like when a pregnant teenager has to choose whether to keep her baby, she often thinks she doesn’t have a choice.

We’re here to change that!

6 things we do for mothers and babies: *Hidden Choices is a non-profit organization that gives teen girls in crisis a choice for life – hers and her baby.

  • Hidden Choices allows a young woman to utilize our website like a search engine for critical information and resources – information that is important in making life-changing decisions for a purposeful future.
  • Hidden Choices offers a comprehensive directory of US maternity homes.
  • Hidden Choices supports services and clearinghouse research in current trends, statistics and organizations for adoption alternatives, foster care and other initiatives for the single mother.
  • Hidden Choices is committed to reducing teen pregnancy, mental health issues, broken homes and broken lives.
  • Hidden Choices is devoted to the welfare of the child. Not hand-outs, but helping hands to REBUILD the foundation for viable and productive citizens in the future.

Make a choice TODAY to support us at Hidden Choices…. A choice to Love a child… and his or her mother.

We believe a single life can change the world, And that if you save one life, It’s as if you’ve saved the world.

WE ARE Hidden Choices.