Generous contribution through Pastor Paul and Rivers (St.Paul Lutheran Church.)

We praise God, here we are in receipt of your most generous contribution received in July 2014. We received your generous  contribution through  Pastor Paul and Rivers (St.Paul Lutheran Church.)

Dear Tyler and Olivia , big thanks to you and to your little Sister . What blessing to bless poor people with a Gift of Jesus water well . By your gracious contribution we have organized Jesus Water well in the Most wanted poor village and opened for the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Report of the Jesus water  is as follows.

Praise God ,Now by your contribution we have helped this village  with a Jesus water well to supply them with fresh and clean drinking  water . Our Jesus water well team organized this well and opened the well  in the presence of the Local Government authorities. At the time of opening our water well team explained  to the people in the village that this well is a loving gift from TYLER AND OLIVIA ( brother and Sister ). When the people heard this news that your little sister and you both made the sacrifice to help the people in the village with water well , all the people felt so humbled and every one standing felt so thankful .