More about my journey to India

Missional trips – be prepared for anything while traveling for a Cause! Today I awoke at 4 am and could not move my right leg. It is the most agonizing I have ever felt – could be sciatica. Hope not, as the video team is due to go out with me at 8 am. in a full work schedule. We have a lot of work to do today. I can’t wait to show fascinating & unusual sights we have caught on tape and, of course, the 4,023 children I am here to visit and support.. It is cotton picking time here in India. (I remember my days as a third grader in Arkansas as we were allowed to go to the cotton fields on specific Saturdays to pick cotton). Cotton pick’in is a grueling job and small children and women work here for less than $1.00 day to fill their canvas baskets on their backs) a.k.a. CHILD LABOR by traffickers.