Hidden Choices, Inc. Statement – The Death of James Foley

The brutal and barbaric murder of James Foley this week has once again reminded the world of the extraordinary stakes in the ongoing struggle between the forces of human rights and democracy and those of barbarism, repression, and savage evil.  The Jihadists of ISIS and similar organizations waging  holy wars” across the globe are truly enemies of all mankind. From their threatened genocide against the Yazidi community to the “convert or die” ultimatums against our ancient Christian communities in Syria and Iraq, they have demonstrated conclusively that their vicious cruelty knows no bounds, nor will it respect any national boundaries in the international community. It is now time for responsible leaders to recognize that unless this evil force is confronted and defeated, it will find its way to our American shores and every nation’s doorstep.

Hidden Choices, Inc.,a human rights advocacy o “for life” now calls upon the leaders of the civilized world to act decisively and in concert to defend the fundamental human rights of the imperiled people in the path of this murderous horde. James Foley courageously sacrificed his life to bring the story of this suffering region to the world’s attention and his tragic death must strengthen the world’s resolve to defeat this grave threat to humanity.

“We are guardians of  human rights and we can  never rest”