What’s in a Name?

Actually quite a lot, since 7 billion of us have one which means 7 billion of us have a mother!

The story of the human family is compelling.  We come in different shapes, sizes, colors and hail from six continents and according to the  Summer Institute of Linguistics, a detailed classified list published in 2009 in the authoritative guide Ethnologue (published by SIL International), includes over 6,909 distinct languages, but does not include the hundreds of thousands of dialects spoken within regions and countries.  So, that means that there are at least 6,909 names for moms in the world and one thing which remains true and consistent on planet earth…mothers are special by any name given by language, tribe or country roots! In the month of May, Hidden Choices proudly celebrates birth mothers, adoptive mothers, single mothers foster care moms and grandmothers in their courageous efforts  of raising mighty future leaders of the world.