Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?


Well this has been the question of all time!  The brunt of many jokes.  Either one would suffice for whatever came first – but then, maybe it was NOAH that had the chickens who laid the first golden eggs.  Speaking of eggs, I had no idea they come in so many colors on organic farms and speaking of eggs –  its Springtime…thank goodness for that.  For those of us who live in the upper Eastern states or the Nordic lands we are grateful for the color green after so much snow this year. So, why am I blogging about eggs after Easter and chickens?  Currently, I am loving eggs.  Who would have thought there was so much to learn about eggs and chickens? I sure didn’t.  If you haven’t read about Hidden Choices.org Collaborative social cause of buying 100 THOUSAND chickens to feed 3,500 orphans in India (check us out here) This solutions-based agri farming model brings strategic health alternatives to the children, supportive efforts organizing jobs for local farmers and offers critical skills-based education for youth development in learning successful business practices and food production for poverty alleviation.

Love eggs?  Eat one today for health and remember a child in India can have one every other day when you give to their cause.