Pandemic effects of education for girls.

Our work in supporting the global issues of children is essential because it will take all of us working with our unique capacities to solve the extremely difficult challenges ahead. Hidden Choices is dedicated to the empowerment of all children, boys and girls, through the challenges of supporting educational programs to impact change in a world marred by long standing discrimination. Experts from all sectors are weighing in on the long lasting impact upon nations. One of Nigeria’s leading economists and professor at the Lagos Business School, Pat Utomi says, “in the age of the skilled worker, not educating women is immediately cutting off 50 percent of your competitiveness as a nation.” This deliberate neglect is alarming and one of the keys to development for global competitiveness and the health of nation building, community building, family building. Colored by culture, ethnic groups, genders and classes it is essential to understand how all of these factors play into discrimination against girls’education. Even before birth, females are killed in countries like India and China where girl babies are not preferred simply because they will be a financial burden to the family. Female gendercide. So, what can be done to change the attitudes of the world that all children have the inalienable right to be born, have the right to live and grow into flourishing citizens of our global family.

Just by being born a female a snow ball effect takes place as gender discrimination and the unforgiveable pandemic treatment of children worldwide.  Once a girl child is old enough to go to school in developing countries she is kept home for housework and to help with other siblings or horrifically sold off into a lifetime of slavery for a few dollars to “rid the family of the burden.” She is a target for sexual violence and rape, according to the World Health Organization is 3 times more likely to be at risk for HIV, while in armed conflicts casualties, over 90% are mostly women and children.

As a hotbed of social controversy and slow accountability of Agencies and International leaders we believe the global issue of education is one of the most critical issues in alleviating poverty and empowering young women and men.  An issue to watch.