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Our Founder
Rivers Hatchett -Teske is the Founder and President of Hidden Choices, Inc. She is a passionate activist and advocate for children and women and a visionary leader committed to networking humanitarian needs with community providers and global corporations to ensure the dignity of human life.

In 1997, a personal family crisis catapulted her into a new direction as she helped her eighteen-year-old daughter through an unplanned pregnancy. In the early days of seeking guidance, she discovered that support opportunities were limited in education, financial aid and affordable healthcare and that the simple day to day housing requirements for young women choosing to parent their children were virtually non-existent. The vacuum in these critical areas motivated her to launch Hidden Choices and connect committed providers and valuable information to one another in North America. Internationally she is dedicated to helping children in crisis in humanitarian efforts with orphan and slum children projects that provide housing, good nutrition, clean water and higher education in order that each unique child may realize their right to the highest attainable standards in life.
Ms. Teske is the spokesperson for Hidden Choices, Inc. She is available to share her personal story, passion and expertise for any organization recognizing the need for supporting the lives of children. Speaking and working in over 64 countries and five continents and living abroad has given her a keen awareness that for the good of our society and the well being of all, “one person can make a difference.” She is dedicated to this global initiative and call nationally and internationally.
Prior to founding Hidden Choices, Inc. Ms. Teske owned and operated a successful women’s apparel and accessory business in Asia. She is certified by the prestigious Protocol School of Washington® in business etiquette and international protocol and serves on several executive committees and boards for non-profit organizations. Ms. Teske is a graduate of Baylor University and is married to The Reverend Paul Teske. They have three children and two grandchildren.

About Hidden Choices
Founded in 1998 by Rivers Hatchett-Teske, Hidden Choices, Inc. seeks to help save the unborn child while empowering the teen mother in
making choices for life, not only for her child, but for her own. It does this by consulting nationwide and abroad with directors and founders of
maternity homes, safe residences for pregnant and trafficked women, community leaders, healthcare providers, clergy, churches and synagogues, social workers, law enforcement agencies, and adoption organizations. Hidden Choices is committed to serving the mother, the child and the community. Our common goals of reducing teen pregnancy are:
1. Education
2. Building Self Esteem
3. Effective Mentoring Programs
4. Community Involvement
“Crisis pregnancy is a serious societal issue and one that all of us need to address. We can do that by supporting organizations that work on behalf
of teen mothers and children, and by making sure that we are tireless in our commitment to help promote programs that can help young women,”
says Teske. “Hidden Choices believes that if you save one life, itʼs as if you have saved the world!” The Quick Start Manual to Open a Maternity Home is a comprehensive guide available for free for any individual or organization wishing to belong to the Maternity Home Association (MHA). Contact us today at
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