‘Hundreds’ of Yazidi women killing themselves in ISIS captivity

Dohuk, Iraq (CNN)“Hello?” The voice is muffled, crackly, and barely audible, but the caller’s desperation is clear: “Our situation is very bad and cannot get any worse.”

On the other end of the phone, Ameena Saeed Hasan offers a lifeline: the chance to plot an escape from slavery at the hands of ISIS.

Every day, Hasan takes calls like this one. A former Iraqi lawmaker, she is now making it her mission to rescue as many Yazidi women as she can.

When ISIS first captured Mosul, Hasan thought the Yazidi on Mount Sinjar would be safe.

“We said ‘Why would they come to Sinjar?'” she recalls. “There is no oil or anything. What would they take?”

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